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The Importance of Building Skill Before Releasing Music

1. Don't Release Your First Material

The Hip-Hop and the music industry as a whole has become over-saturated as access to musical tools has become widespread. This is amazing because now everyone can create, pursue and express themselves through music. At the same time, it means there is a lot of underdeveloped music that is being released to the public.  Everything you release to the should be considered part of your resume. This is the thing that I've seen with so many artists who are pursuing a career in music. Everyone has a voice but developing that voice is key to appealing to audiences. Tighten up your raps, learn how to EQ your voice. You can learn how to be the best on Youtube and there are so many free DAWs that can help you. Pro Tools and Ableton have free versions of their software, and a halfway decent mic won't break the bank. Patience and practice are how you are taken seriously as an artist. You can still be an amateur, most of us are, but raising the quality of your work feels better upon release and shows folks you aren't just some kid but a respectable artist, even if you record in your kitchen.

2. Compete with Yourself and Others

Hip-Hop is a competition based art form, artists are always trying to one-up each other to see who has the tightest beat or the most clever lyrical flow. You should keep up with artists you love because of what their music does for you as well as to see where the standard Rap is currently at. The real competition isn't with the legends of today, though they are definitely something to aspire to; the competition lies with yourself. As long as you are always trying new creative improvements to the ways to make the music you want to produce then you're where you're supposed to be.

3. Know a Little Bit About Everything

I touched on this a little earlier in the article, it is important to be part of the conversation when creating a song or EP or full-length project. You don't have to be an expert but take away something from every interaction. When you link with another artist, producer or rapper you need to be able to do more than just send a verse out. Have input on song structure, suggest changes to aspects of the instrumental. The more you know the more in-depth and thoughtful the collaboration will and the better the final product will be. There is no reason anymore not to know something, there is no stupid google search. there are so many tools at your disposal to connect with other artists and rappers to build your audience and network. Collab is one of those tools, created by Hip-Hop enthusiasts like you to connect artists and professionals with one another. The iOS Beta arrives January 1st, by subscribing to this newsletter you will be given exclusive access to the app.

Collab is an upcoming app that connects you with other hip-hop, rap, and R&B artists and producers to facilitate collaborations. You can search for the specific type of artist needed for your collaboration. Or get matched by our intelligent algorithms to meet someone entirely new. Review the tracks on other artists’ profiles and, once you find someone you want to work with, chat with them using our built-in messenger. Once the Collab has been initiated, exchange files directly in the messenger until you’ve put together a finished track! 

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