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Featured Artyst: Y.O.TheLabel

Y.O.TheLabel is an independent record label founded on December of 2019, Based in Yonkers, NY. The label has over 17 to 20 artist found over 9 states around the U.S from California, New York, kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas, Maine, Connecticut, Ohio and Maryland. Our Artist roster features: Glxtchxn, Sa Lanea, Alyse Nichole, Wanji, Sinick, Zappa T, Poetic Study, Sa!nt, Zay Banks and Max Sumo, Killa Kha, Lil Gotti, Miranda, Gianna Rose, Ruby Santiago, NaniTheGreat, Shay Finesse, Michael Greco and our CEO and founder Mike Can Dream. We are here to become the next great label of a generation; “We are more than just a label, We are a movement.”

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Bad Boy Records, Wu-Tang, DefJam, Roc Nation, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Biggie, Dr Dre, Dave East, Dreamvilee records , Travis Scott, chris brown, cactus jack records, Mo-Town records, Aaliyah, Nas, Ruff Ryders, Big Pun, Fat Joe. U2 , prince

What inspires you to create music?

The feeling to be able to impact so many lives and relate to so many souls just by the fact you relate to them and be a center of comfort and peace and make them feel good and impact generations.

What else do you do your artists do outside of music?

Our artist and board members are also models, photographers, painters, educators, ambassadors for clothing, jewelry and marketing brands, create clothes themselves, And videographers.

What's been your biggest success so far in the music industry? What are you most proud of?

We signed our first clothing deal as a label with brute impact clothing located in California and we also joined forces with this new app called Artyst. Some of our artist have been featured in magazines, performed in venues, featured and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry l, some signed deals to sponsor different brands and companies.

What made you excited to get involved with the Artyst app?

The chance to network with so Lang creative minds and souls that all share the same goal as you; to impact the world with your art and inspire others on a bigger platform.

What kind of collabs are you looking for on the Artyst app?

Producers, artist, engineers, photographers, videographers.

What's your vision for the future? Where are you headed as an artist?

To be the next big label like bad boy, dreamville, Wu-Tang and have the next great roster Of generational type records and leader for the future kids.

What's next for you? Any upcoming projects we should know about?

Mike can dream is working on his debut album releasing in September of 2021 and working on a new project called I wanna be like mike which will be released in November of 2020, other artist like glxtchxn and Alyse are working on eps and mixtapes while our other artist have upcoming singles and collars with people in the label coming very soon.

Anything else?

The age of our artist very from 17-22 we are diverse and here for all sorts of creativity. We are the future now it’s time to show the world why we are the future.

Shoutout to Thorough consulting, A kid’s Story, Cabal New York, brute impact clothing, WFM apparel , Versus Enigma, and our other sponsors and partners for helping us grow and continue to spread our vision.

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