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Featured Artyst: Carnage Bodybagg

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Carnage Bodybagg started his solo career on the music scene with a bang! in 2015 alone opening for major artists such as King Chip and Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony as well as earning enough buzz to do several headling shows himself in the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Ohio areas. He has also worked closely over this time and still to this day with Def Jam Midwest A&R Big Heff and also doing some shows with him in New York City in Early March 2016.

Carnage has made a highly listened mixtape series called " For Tha Streetz" vol 1-3 before finally hitting with an album titled "Ready 4 War" which had heavy hitting bars throughout the whole project. While taking show after show and gaining more and more buzz for his music and on social media late 2017 he came back hard with another classic mixtape " Industry vs in da streets" where he let his fans vote on what beats to write to which as expected created a great buzz. Now, in 2020 he has announced that he is already working on a new album after having such great success with his music on Spotify (averaging 30,000 streams a month) and other platforms and has already released that he is sitting on new fire music for the fans. His new project will be named "Chasen Baggz" the name is a collab of his name and his beat producers name Chase Bankz. Carnage is motivated to make great music and to tell his story for people to relate to he hopefully sees himself signing a major label contract and taking his label to new heights.

Who are your biggest musical influences?



Kevin Gates

Bone Thugz N Harmony

The Game

What inspires you to create music?

I have my own story and I just want to be heard and maybe help people with the same situations express themselves hopefully through my music.

What else do you do outside of being an artist?

I also own a music studio and have done all my mixing, mastering as well as all my single covers and tons as well for different artists all over the U.S

What's been your biggest success so far in the music industry? What are you most proud of?

I'm most proud of my success so far and the things I've been able to accomplish as an artist.

What made you excited to get involved with the Artyst app?

I think the Artyst app is a great creative new way to help musicians find more talent to work with.

What kind of collabs are you looking for on the Artyst app?

Anybody interested in working. This is business!

What's your vision for the future? Where are you headed as an artist?

Hopefully headed to a record deal as an artist and taking my label into the majors.

What's next for you? Any upcoming projects we should know about?

I'm working on a new album as now!

I'm close to my first major song "Baggz" reaching plaque status on Spotify.

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