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Exploring Creativity

Creativity is the fundamental thing every artist must harness. I once heard that artists tend to get stuck making the music their fans want and stray away from making the music they want. In this article, we are going to talk about creativity - channeling it for what you want to create and some tips for channeling that creativity through your music.

1. Energy

Energy, influence, vibe - whatever you want to call it, there are things that spark a creative flame. Everyone has something different that does this. It can be watching your favorite artist create and perform. Maybe it happens when you stumble across a new piece of content that is exactly what you need at the moment. Sometimes it happens on accident. Keeping fresh positive creative influence is crucial, so know what works for you. The reverse is also true: negative influences can hinder and collapse your creative energy. As an artist, it is important to keep an aversion to negative influences, being aware of how you are affected by the life you lead and how it influences your own creative energy.

2. Harnessing

After you've been struck with inspiration it would be convenient if you could get working right away, but that's not always the case. Send yourself a quick reminder with your idea and try to recreate what you are doing at the time of inspiration. Maybe just hold that idea in the front of your mind and let it take up space there. A quick note is always acceptable whether you're at work or in school or just not able to get to your workstation. Create a creative playlist to listen to on the way home. Take in content that gets you in the zone while you're off doing other things. Keep the flow for as long as needed to make it to your creative space.

3. Channeling

Taking your influences and inspirations and using them in your own way is something that takes a lot of work. Crafting the amalgam of influences into an original piece of work, sometimes without you even realizing it, is a difficult but rewarding process. A common question that creatives often face is who am I making this for? If the vision of your project has that question answered then that is phenomenal. If not it can be easy to try to create something that you think you should make rather than what you actually want to make. Authenticity is the cornerstone of hip-hop and it's okay to create for other people, but keeping hold of who you want to be as a musician is the most important part of the process.

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