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Spend less time networking and more time collaborating.

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Artyst is a social networking app that connects musicians and other creative professionals. Think of it as LinkedIn for people who don’t work a typical 9-5.

Build your artist portfolio for all to see, post your various projects and accomplishments on your profile and browse others’ work - if you decide you want to connect, you can use the built-in messenger and talk business. We help you find the team you need to work with, so you can spend less time networking and more time collaborating.

Whether you're a rapper or a producer, a photographer or a videographer, a singer or a graphic designer - Artyst's network is the perfect place for you to find new projects and to find the perfect collaborators for your own project. With Artyst, creators finally have a place to build things together.


Our Story

Collab started as a hip-hop beatmaker’s failed attempt to enter the scene in Dallas, Texas. In 2018, our founder, Adam Roach, finally decided to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a hip-hop producer. He downloaded the software and bought all the plug-ins, but where he really had trouble was going out and meeting local rappers to work with. After several attempts to meet and collaborate with people online and at local Open Mic events, he identified three problems with the current state of music networking:

1. Finding people is hard. ​

You can go to local events, but most people just stand there scrolling Instagram anyways. You can browse Soundcloud, but then you’re leaving it up to chance to find interesting artists.


We need a 21st century way for artists to discover and connect with each other.

2. Finding the right people is even harder.

You may stumble upon some talented artists on social media or at local events, but when the time comes that you need to find a “trap vocal mixing specialist” or a “lo-fi beat maker who samples Indian instruments”,  good luck! You’ll be scrolling for hours and may never find who you want.


We need a targeted search engine to find the exact artist for the job, every time. 

3. Finding reliable people is the hardest of all. ​

Okay, maybe you lucked out and found a talented mix engineer who matches your genre perfectly. You message him, send some files, and he promises to get back to you by the weekend… and, two months later, you have nothing. The people who are truly driven to perfect their craft and do real work are few and far between. We need a way to identify reliable talent, the people who we can count on to deliver on every project.


We need a new way to build a team who shares our vision of making it to the top.

Having identified these issues, Adam realized his purpose was bigger than making beats - he made it his mission to enable millions of artists to achieve their dreams, successfully growing their music careers by collaborating with other driven, talented artists. So he dropped everything and went full-speed ahead founding Collab, the solution to all the problems he saw up-and-coming artists facing in the music industry.

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What is Artyst?

Artyst is the social network for the music industry. It’s where musical artists, producers, and others go to find and be found by collaborators. With Artyst, artists establish their professional presence and build the relationships that launch their careers. 


How will Artyst help my music career?

We all know that collaboration is one of the most important ways to advance our music careers. But unfortunately, finding talented, reliable collaborators is a difficult process. Browsing new artists on the internet, going to open mic events, sending DMs with no response, waiting months for an artist to get back to you… time that you could’ve been using to make music ends up getting wasted on failed networking attempts. With Artyst, you avoid all that. Using built-in artist search and reliability feedback systems, Artyst finds you the right person with the right skills at the right time, so you can spend less time networking and more time collaborating. 


What makes Artyst different?

Collab is a great place to network and start projects with new collaborators, but what really sets Artyst apart from other networking apps is the power of search. Artyst’s advanced search engine helps you find exactly the collaborator your project needs, whether that’s a female pop feature verse, a mix engineer who specializes in trap 808s, or anything in between. Search lets you find exactly who you need, so you can spend less time browsing for collaborators and more time actually making music.


Who is Artyst for?

While Artyst’s core user-base consists of music artists and producers, the platform is really open to all creative professionals. In fact, the network is enriched by talented graphic designers, photographers, videographers and more, who work with musicians on album art, music videos and other creative projects. Creative professionals of all types find Artyst a natural home for their portfolio of work and a natural means to find new artists to work with.


How does Artyst help rappers and singers?

Rappers and singers can use Artyst to find beats and instrumental tracks for their songs. Instead of using tagged beats off Youtube and Soundcloud, you can find a local, go-to producer who’s willing to work with you one-on-one and create music together. Artyst will also help you find suitable artists to provide feature verses for your tracks.


How does Artyst help producers and engineers?

With Artyst, producers and beat makers no longer have to spam out their beats to tons of artists hoping for one to respond. Instead, work one-on-one with rappers and singers to build a collaborative foundation for future work, so you can come up together. Engineers can promote their specialized skillset and search for artists in need of mixing, mastering and other services.


How does Artyst help graphic designers, photographers and videographers?

No matter how good your music is, no one will ever hear it without effective branding and promotion. This makes media creators essential to our community. Whether you specialize in music videos, photoshoots, artist logos or social media promotion, Artyst’s search capabilities will help you find just the right people in need of your skills. 


How do I use Artyst?

It’s simple to get started growing your network and boosting your career with Artyst:

  1. Download the app, sign up, and create your profile. This is where you’ll display your work and let everyone know what makes you unique, so when someone needs your specialty, they’ll be able to find you.

  2. Search for the right person for your project. Working on a new album? Artyst's advanced search and filtering capabilities can help you find the perfect team to back you, from production to mixing, album art to promotion.

  3. Have a skill but don’t have a project of your own? That’s fine too! Search Artyst’s project feed for people who need someone just like you. This is a great place to find graphic design, photography and videography gigs, among other things.

  4. Get to work! Once you find the perfect person for your project, or the perfect project for your skills, send a DM with Artyst’s built-in messenger. If you decide to start a Artyst, share project files right in the app!


What is the future of Artyst?

Artyst aims to be the go-to network for creative professionals of all kinds. It’s the social network that gets out of your way, helping you find who you need ASAP so you can get to work, whatever your project, genre or skill-level. Build a team, launch your creative career. Spend less time networking and more time collaborating.


Our Team

Adam Roach, Founder & CEO

Adam founded Artyst after spotting a gap in the market for a 21st Century networking solution for creative professionals. A problem-solver at heart, he plans to deliver Artyst on a massive scale as the go-to portfolio and networking platform for creative professionals. Adam’s work at Artyst consists of product design and execution, as well as overseeing admin, legal and operational tasks.

Chris Colip, Head of Marketing

Chris, a rapper himself, is a natural-born marketer who instantly recognized the value of Artyst’s mission when he and Adam connected. He has an academic background in Communications as well as a history of running successful social media campaigns. This experience along with his can-do attitude has rapidly grown Artyst’s audience from zero to where it is today.

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Drop a message and we’ll email you back as soon as we’re able. Thanks for helping us to continually improve your collaboration experience!

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